Plan maintenance

Sanitary servicing
Regular maintenance will keep your water systems free flowing. Let us look after this for you with our maintenance plan and in turn it will help minimise any bigger problems which could have so easily been avoided.

Service of petrol interceptors
If you are a commercial site, it's highly likely that you will have a petrol interceptor (separates oil and waste water before going out to the main sewer). The Environment Agency requires you to have regular services to prevent oil contamination to water estuaries. We will provide you with certificates following servicing.

Tanker services
A tanker service can be provided to clean out catch pits, septic tanks and grease traps from commercial to domestic sites. A special waste ticket is provided for any contaminated waste and should be retained for your records.

Advanced roof gutter cleaning
Over time, gutters accumulate dry leaves and other debris causing it to clog and damage. Flat roofs that continue to gain leaf debris can damage and undermine the roof stability, causing flooding and damage to property. To help prolong the gutters life and minimise other damage, we recommend getting your gutters cleaned at least twice a year and with our high-reach gutter cleaning system, we can get rid of the general dirt gathered in this hard to reach area.

Internal foul waste stack
To prevent smells and blockages and major disruptions to your business and the welfare of your business, we recommend that internal waste stacks should be regularly de-scaled, we can help with this.

Car park servicing
We service all rain water gullies and grid drains, prevent large flood zones occurring. The debris/leaves are removed with the tanker method and a waste ticket is provided.